Michelle Lindsay for Dartmouth-Cole Harbour

Michelle Lindsay is running to be your Dartmouth-Cole Harbour member of Parliament in Ottawa. The People's Party is Canada's newest and most honest federal party: willing to boldly address the important issues without the usually debilitating weakness of extreme political correctness.

If you want a strong voice in Ottawa to represent truth, strength, and the values of Dartmouth and Cole Harbour residents, then Michelle is your choice!

Among Michelle's greatest concerns are:

  1. Degradation of our fundamental freedoms of conscience and expression
  2. Sagging quality and efficiency of our medical system
  3. Need for balanced budgets and responsible fiscal management that doesn't pander to ideologically motivated equity initiatives or climate alarmism
  4. Need to tell the truth and a government that works for the people
  5. Eliminate prioritization of specific groups in Canada (fairness for all).

Take a look at our candidates in Nova Scotia (Meet the Press, August 29th)

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